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The key activity of Blancomet Group is collection and recycling of secondary raw materials.

We offer top prices for catalytic converters, precious metals, lead acid batteries, alloy wheels and car wiring to companies and individuals interested in sustainable development and proper disposal of various end-of-life materials.

  • Catalytic converters

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    Our long years of experience have shown that all catalytic converters are different. They may look similar, yet the amount of precious metals they contain differs, therefore some converters are worth much more than others. We propose a system of catalytic converters evaluation that allows our clients to generate better profit on higher value units. Thanks to our latest analyzer, we are able to determine the exact quantity of precious metals that can be extracted out of a catalytic converter. This enables us to offer our clients top prices for their items.

  • Electronic waste

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    Electronic scrap recycling is still an evolving industry which is now at a critical point in its development in terms of challenges and growth. Due to the continuously increasing production and use of electronic products, disposal and recycling of these goods have become of significant importance. Up until recently, manufacturers and bulk users were the prime sources of electronic waste. However,the quantities of electronic products owned by individual consumers has been constantly growing. Most of the people used to get rid of these products in landfill or leave unused in storage. The considerable increase in the number of end-of-life PCs and TV sets has strengthened the need for recycling electronic products discarded by consumers

  • Precious metals

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    Precious metals are rare metallic chemical elements of high economic value found in nature. They feature high chemical resistance, ductility, lustre. The most popular precious metals are gold (Au) and silver (Ag) which have been long used in coinage, art and later were widely applied in industry. Other precious metals include the so-called platinum group metals: ruthenium (Ru), rhodium( Rh), palladium (Pd), osmium (Os) iridium (Ir) and platinum (Pt).
    We buy items containing the following precious metals: gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pt), rhodium (Rh) and Iridium (Ir). Please check our prices.

  • Batteries

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    Most types of batteries can be recycled. However, some batteries are recycled more readily than others, such as lead-acid-automotive batteries (nearly 90% are recycled) and button cells (because of the value and toxicity of their chemicals). Other types, such as alkaline and rechargeable, e.g., nickel–cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH), lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel–zinc (Ni-Zn), can also be recycled.

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