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Electronic Waste

Blancomet is dedicated to responsibly recycling electronic waste, focusing on sustainable practices. Our approach ensures safe, efficient reprocessing for environmental conservation.

Electronic Waste

In today’s Information Society, the consumption of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) is steadily increasing worldwide, presenting a pressing challenge of managing the resulting waste in a sustainable and responsible manner. This waste, known as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), is a complex and diverse stream that holds both the potential for valuable resources and the risk of significant environmental impacts. Within WEEE, there are often precious metals and critical raw materials (CRMs) present. Proper recovery and treatment of WEEE present an opportunity to reclaim these elements for a second life, thereby reducing the overall environmental impact associated with improper disposal.

At Blancomet, we understand the importance of addressing these issues. That’s why we offer transparent inspection and assay services for your scrap electronics and printed circuit boards. With our rigorous evaluation process, you can be confident that you will always receive the highest rebate price for your redundant electronic scrap. By maximizing the value of your materials and promoting responsible recycling practices, we contribute to the circular economy and the sustainable management of electronic waste.

Purchase of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are commonly found in a wide range of electrical devices. When removed from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), these PCBs contain valuable precious and non-ferrous metals that can be effectively recovered. However, it is essential to note that they also consist of hazardous components that pose potential risks to both human health and the environment.

Given the diverse nature of PCBs, with variations in their composition of precious and non-ferrous metals, it is crucial to inspect and evaluate each PCB individually to maximize the recovery of these valuable materials. Blancomet boasts extensive experience and a team of qualified staff who are adept at visually assessing the majority of PCBs. For any unique or exceptional PCBs, we have a dedicated laboratory equipped for Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) testing. This advanced testing method allows us to accurately determine the content of precious and non-ferrous metals present in these PCBs.

At Blancomet, we understand the importance of optimizing the recovery process. Our commitment to meticulous inspection, sorting, and thorough cleansing of impurities and hazardous components ensures that the PCBs are prepared for refining facilities. By employing our expertise and advanced testing capabilities, we offer competitive rates for PCBs, providing a reliable and efficient solution for the recycling and extraction of valuable metals from these electronic components.

IT Assets Disposal and Data Destruction

If your business has accumulated a substantial amount of redundant IT assets and you’re seeking an environmentally responsible solution to dispose of them, Blancomet is here to assist you. Whether you have unused equipment lying around or you’re planning to upgrade your IT assets and need the old ones removed, we have the expertise to support you.

Blancomet offers a comprehensive service to uplift your IT assets directly from your premises. Our team will ensure the secure removal of the equipment and handle the subsequent data destruction process. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information, so rest assured that our data destruction procedures adhere to the highest industry standards. Upon completion, we provide you with a certificate of destruction as proof that the data has been securely eradicated.

E-waste recycling

Electronic waste, or e-waste, refers to discarded electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, televisions, and other electronic equipment. With the rapid advancement of technology and the widespread adoption of electronic devices, the generation of e-waste has grown significantly. Proper management and recycling of e-waste are imperative due to its potential environmental and health hazards.

E-waste recycling is essential for several reasons. Firstly, electronic devices contain a variety of valuable and precious materials, including metals like gold, silver, copper, and rare elements. By recycling e-waste, these valuable resources can be recovered and reused, reducing the need for mining and extraction of raw materials. This not only conserves natural resources but also mitigates the environmental impact associated with mining activities.

Furthermore, e-waste often contains hazardous components such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and flame retardants. If improperly disposed of in landfills, these toxic substances can leach into the soil and groundwater, contaminating ecosystems and posing health risks to humans and wildlife. Recycling e-waste prevents these harmful materials from ending up in landfills, thus safeguarding both the environment and public health.

Allowing e-waste to end up in landfills can have severe consequences. As the toxic components of electronic devices break down over time, they can release harmful chemicals into the soil and water. This pollution can contaminate local ecosystems, harm plant and animal life, and potentially enter the food chain, impacting human health. Additionally, the accumulation of electronic waste in landfills contributes to the overall waste problem, exacerbating issues related to limited landfill space and environmental degradation.

Recycle e-waste with Blancomet

With our dedicated e-waste recycling services, we offer a comprehensive and environmentally conscious solution for disposing of electronic devices. Our expertise in handling electronic waste ensures that valuable materials are recovered and hazardous components are safely managed, mitigating the negative impacts of e-waste on the environment and human health. By choosing Blancomet’s e-waste recycling services, you are not only contributing to the conservation of precious resources and reduction of electronic waste in landfills but also supporting a sustainable approach to technology consumption. With a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, Blancomet stands as a reliable partner in the journey towards a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Determining whether to reuse or recycle e-waste depends on its condition:

  • Reusability: Devices that are still functional and in good condition can often be refurbished and resold or donated. This extends the product’s lifespan and reduces the demand for new devices, delaying their entry into the waste stream.
  • Recycling: Devices that are no longer functional, obsolete, or damaged beyond repair should be recycled. E-waste recycling involves disassembling the devices, segregating components, and extracting valuable materials for reuse. This process not only prevents hazardous materials from entering the environment but also reduces the strain on natural resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the prices for scrap e-waste?
The prices for scrap e-waste depend on various factors such as the type and quality of material, market demand, volume, and current market rates for specific metals. To get the most accurate and current pricing for your specific e-waste, contact us – specialized recycling facility. You can contact us to inquire about the rates for your particular type and quantity of e-waste.

2. What electronic waste are you recycling?
At Blancomet we are recycling Printed Circuit boards from discarded WEEE. Also desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones and similar assets.

3. How do I know if you will recycle my specific e-waste item?
To find out if we can recycle your specific type of e-waste, the best course of action is to contact us directly. We handle a wide range of electronic waste, adhering to the strictest environmental regulations and standards. Our expert team will be able to guide you through the process and confirm whether your particular e-waste can be responsibly managed through our recycling services. Reach out to us for detailed information tailored to your ewaste recycling needs.

4. Since when are you operating?
Blancomet Recycling UK Limited was registered in August 2009. Since the incorporation we have found many partners and suppliers in countries from all over the world.

5. What are your core values?
At Blancomet, we are deeply committed to environmental care and sustainability, in addition to our focus on social and ethical responsibilities.

6. Can Blancomet handle electronic parts like scrap pcb-printed circuit boards and scrap alternators?
Yes, we are equipped to recycle electronic parts such as scrap pcb-printed circuit boards and scrap alternators. Our focus is on the environmentally conscious recovery and repurposing of these electronic components.

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